Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Black Friday

The shopping season officially begins the day after Thanksgiving. For me it starts whenever I get my funds together but that's another post. I am scared to be out on the roads on Friday because we have savages who make it out of the crypt for Black Friday. I am soooooo through with Black Fridays.

Rewind to Black Friday 2005.

I picked up Circuit City's flyer and noticed there was a Toshiba laptop on sale. The specs were shitty but for 300 bucks you couldn't really pass it up. I didn't really need one but being the tech person that I am I figured an extra one wouldn't hurt. I woke up at 5 a.m to get to Circuit City. I don't even wake up at 5 a.m. to go to work. Anyway, I get there and park the car and notice the mob already in front of the store at 5:30. That's when I should have taken my ass home but NOOOO, I decided to go join the mob. People are already acting the fool before the doors opened and even then I should have taken my ass home. The employees open the doors and the pandemonium began. I can be aggressive when needed but you could tell I was a fish without water in that store. People had fire in their eyes knocking and pushing things over to get to things they wanted. I walk, notice I said walk and not sprinted, over to the computer section and come to find out you needed a voucher to get the laptop. Old ignorant employee number 1 throws the vouchers up in the air to watch the mob act like lions to get one. I had to take a step back because if anyone touched me I was going to get wreck up in there. I wanted to tell the cop outside that this dude was citing a riot by throwing those vouchers in the air like that. It was disgusting. I bought a bluetooth headset and took my ass home back to bed. I never want to be a part of anything like that in my life again. People just out there acting the damn fool to save some damn money.

To add insult to injury, if you really looked at these products versus prices you aren't really coming out on top. They stock 20 items in the store knowing 200 people are going to come out. The 21st person on line who did not get the item on sale will most likely buy something else two times the price just because they feel they came out there and wasted time. I guess they feel they need to go home with something. NOT ME...I'll save myself the trouble and just stay home this Friday.

For those who missed the debacle that happened at Walmart last year, here you go. Please direct your attention to the lady who fell and had to put her lacefront back on. Now was the ambulance ride really worth that sale?


Anonymous said...

LMAO...I really don't mess with Black Friday either, fighting over clothes with old ladies isn't how I'd like spend my day off. So I feel you!!! and that video was too damn funny.

S.K. from C+D

Anonymous said...

These people in the store were actin like it was the end of the world. I will never go out on Black Friday again!

And the sales weren't even all that good.