Thursday, November 30, 2006

Let Me Just Make This Statement Loud and Clear....

I'm so focused. I'm heading out later tonight and am certain I'm going into work with red eyes and liquor still in my system tomorrow. Make my co-workers extra nervous.

Messed around and this was the first song I heard for the day and its been stuck in my head ever since. I would say Jersey stand up, but

Joe keeps it so gutter in this video. Peep the beginning, he's sporting a '88 Toyota Tercel.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Brooklyn, sit down.

By commenting on the Knicks does not mean in any way shape or form am I a fan. These dudes are sorrier than sorry. I merely thought I would point out Stephon Marbury’s situation right now. He suffers from “I make too much damn money and don't deserve it". Alan Houston suffered from the same problem, luckily for him his ass retired. I think he still draws salary though but this isn’t about him. It’s about Brooklyn right now. This dude is putting our borough to shame. Kingdom Come now this shit. He is averaging 9 points a game with about 5 assists all in 16 games. I’m a ball player so I know what it is to “have a bad game”. Give me a million dollar salary however, and I’ll do some Jordan-esque dunks (or break my neck in the process). There is just no excuse for the Knicks star player to be playing like do-do. NO REASON.

Last 5 outings for Stephon
7 points, 4 assists on 2 for 13 shooting
0 points, 2 assists and this dude didn’t attempt a shot all damn night
2 points, 3 assists on 1 for 4 shooting
18 points, 3 assists on 7 for 15 shooting
3 points, 3 assists on 1 for 2 shooting

Is this some type of personal protest?

Dild...I mean Dora Aquapet.

Yea, I'm back.
Ever since I can remember my mind has lived in the gutter. A mind is a terrible thing to waste so I've been trying but things like this pull me back in. Just what kind of toy is this? Wait, don't answer that...

Sidenote: My YT co-worker is talking about her hay days and I really don't give a shit. I'm typing while I'm looking dead in her face with this blank look in my eyes but she's still going. OK, now she shut up.

Bored at Work

I'm at work posting on my blog--do I care? NO My boss is sitting right next to me, she sees that I'm not doing work--do I care? NO. Now that we've gotten that out the way. It is Wednesday and pay day was last Thursday. Where is my money? This direct deposit shit this lady has in place is for the birds, I can't deal. Every other week my salary drops in my account when it feels like it. Now what if I needed that money to pay a bill today or something, I would be assed out wouldn't I? Thank goodness the savings and checking is linked or else I would be broke right now. I'm a little ass backwards complaining about stuff like this when it's almost time for my departure. Would have made more sense if I said something from jump, right? YEA. But whatever.

I figure since I'm not doing anything I would play my ipod, right? NO. The shit is broken once again. For anyone out there who cares and trusts my advice, DO NOT BUY AN IPOD. Cosmetically they are the nicest thing on the market but these devices are absolute shit. I'm not certain if Apple has a personal vendetta against me but every ipod I own has failed me about every 6 months. The life on these things should be longer than that, especially when you pay 300 BUCKS FOR IT!!! I'm looking around for a new mp3 player. I absolutely can't live without it. When you take public transportation everyday you need something to divert your attention away from the looney tunes. Or the people who want to tell you their whole life story then ask for a piece of change. Anyone who knows of a solid, decent priced mp3 player let me know.

What else can I rant about? My boss is still sitting next to me watching me not work. I won't ask the question because the answer is still NO. I feel like scooting underneath my desk for a nap but that would be over the top, right? YEA. I know, I'll start cleaning out my desk. That will keep me busy till 4:30. Ok, let me get off of here before is the next website the company blocks.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Paul Mooney is that dude

I was visiting a blog and came across this video. I had to comment on it. I've always thought Paul Mooney was over the top but this was hilarious. Does Greta want a cookie that she's been to the Apollo? I'm sure she's the type you ask her how many black friends does she have she can give you an answer in 2 seconds. Let me stop, I don't know this woman personally but whoever was in the background thought Paul was funny too.

I'm really trying to track down that video of him on the BET Comedy Awards giving out the Nigga Please award. He burned Diana Ross and Tracee was right in the audience. It was messed up but funny as hell.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Recap of today

I have four days to swallow my fear and do the do. Since I start my new job on Monday I won't be on the same bus route coming home. There is someone that I've seen for about 6 months now that I haven't gathered up enough nerve to say so much as hello to. I may not be the most girliest girl but I still have that instinct. You just know when someone at least will talk to you if you said hi. Six months I've been acting like a punk. For the most part, I just don't see myself breaking that wall down. Rejection is one thing but it's a bit different in my situation. Some people just need to walk around with a clear as day sign on their forehead. It would make situations so much damn easier.

I have the most hideous headache right now. I don't know if others get the same way I do but if I'm on a bus I have to be able to see out the window or I get really bad headaches. This evening I wasn't able to sit by a window and I had to sit next to a lady who had this unbearable fragrance on. She smelled like flowers and Irish Spring. That shit was about to make me pass out. I pay $5 a ride on the express bus and 6 times out of 10 I get the same headaches as I would if I took the train. I'm requesting to my boss that I be chauffeured to and from work. It's only right!

I'm calling it an early night tonight. Aleve + a hot shower + turning the phone off = a good night's sleep.

I've heard this song for about a good month and didn't know who it was. I never expected Tamia to be talking so fresh in her songs but I like the track. I might have to check out her album "Between Friends"

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sound Familiar?

I read this article this morning and my heart sank to the floor. It really is too early to draw conclusions from this all but I pose one question. These plain clothed cops fired 50 shots. When did it dawn on anyone that no one was firing back at them? I am just at a loss for words for this whole situation and honestly I just don't understand it. All I can wholeheartdly say is I agree with the fiancee's mom "Cops are very comfortable killing black men".

Friday, November 24, 2006

Feelin' It

So now that I know I wasn't the only one who wasn't feeling "Kingdom Come" I don't feel crazy. My best friends brother tried to school me last night and tell me lyrically this is Jays best album. I was willing to think about that statement but then he mentioned Poppa Diddy Pop's "Press Play" and his whole thesis went down the toilet bowl. There are a couple of tracks that I can tolerate but by no means is this Jays strongest album. In light of this mess I bestow upon you my favorite Jay track. Vintage Jay at his best.

"Ok I'm gettin weeded now I know I'm contradicting myself...look I don't need that's just once in a blue when there's nothin to do and the tension's too thick for my sober mind to cut through" --Jay-Z

My Dude O

I was blessed with an older brother but secretly always wanted a sister. I don't know why because I'm sure if I did have one she would be nothing like me. I was, however, blessed about 4 years ago to run into someone that I now can call my sister. She's more than a sister, she is my other half. Both of us together are trouble but we haven't landed in jail yet so it's all good.

We played ball together in college and she's the type of player than can make others around her better. It's the same off the court. She has a big heart and there's nothing bad I can say about this girl. Other than the fact she's a tramp, but now a days who isn't? I spent the Thanksgiving day with her and her fam and they are *insert Ashanti's annoying voice* bananas. I hope she doesn't kill me but I provided a visual. This is raw emotion at its finest.

Air Force 1/Nike Dunk Hi

Made two pickups today. I didn't go out this morning with the herds of animals, I was too busy lost on Interstate 87. I went to the mall around 5 p.m. though and was able to look around and do some shopping. Air Forces are Grey/Red/White and Dunks are Baroque Brown/Birch.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Black Friday

The shopping season officially begins the day after Thanksgiving. For me it starts whenever I get my funds together but that's another post. I am scared to be out on the roads on Friday because we have savages who make it out of the crypt for Black Friday. I am soooooo through with Black Fridays.

Rewind to Black Friday 2005.

I picked up Circuit City's flyer and noticed there was a Toshiba laptop on sale. The specs were shitty but for 300 bucks you couldn't really pass it up. I didn't really need one but being the tech person that I am I figured an extra one wouldn't hurt. I woke up at 5 a.m to get to Circuit City. I don't even wake up at 5 a.m. to go to work. Anyway, I get there and park the car and notice the mob already in front of the store at 5:30. That's when I should have taken my ass home but NOOOO, I decided to go join the mob. People are already acting the fool before the doors opened and even then I should have taken my ass home. The employees open the doors and the pandemonium began. I can be aggressive when needed but you could tell I was a fish without water in that store. People had fire in their eyes knocking and pushing things over to get to things they wanted. I walk, notice I said walk and not sprinted, over to the computer section and come to find out you needed a voucher to get the laptop. Old ignorant employee number 1 throws the vouchers up in the air to watch the mob act like lions to get one. I had to take a step back because if anyone touched me I was going to get wreck up in there. I wanted to tell the cop outside that this dude was citing a riot by throwing those vouchers in the air like that. It was disgusting. I bought a bluetooth headset and took my ass home back to bed. I never want to be a part of anything like that in my life again. People just out there acting the damn fool to save some damn money.

To add insult to injury, if you really looked at these products versus prices you aren't really coming out on top. They stock 20 items in the store knowing 200 people are going to come out. The 21st person on line who did not get the item on sale will most likely buy something else two times the price just because they feel they came out there and wasted time. I guess they feel they need to go home with something. NOT ME...I'll save myself the trouble and just stay home this Friday.

For those who missed the debacle that happened at Walmart last year, here you go. Please direct your attention to the lady who fell and had to put her lacefront back on. Now was the ambulance ride really worth that sale?

Monday, November 20, 2006

You see someone you like tonight, fuck em!!!

One thing about Shaq--

Want to get on my good side quick, make me laugh. Laughing is my anti-drug. So needless to say I love stand-up and his dude right here is funny. He looks so much like Damon Dash though.

From time to time I might throw up clips for some comedic relief.

Upgrading Myself

Yep, so in exactly 2 weeks I start my new job. I accepted a position as a help desk/pc support specialist. Negotiated a great starting salary too. I know those people there didn't expect that out of me. Thought I was just going to go for the okey doke.

I'm a little skeptical of how things are going to be though. I'm currently at American Express and it's a pretty diverse crowd. I'm lying but there are enough people there that look like me for me to get by. I went on 4 total interviews with this new firm and I saw a total of 2 black people. One was in construction clothes holding a hammer and the other one was pushing the mail cart. Right off the bat I didn't think I would get the job. Come to find out the CIO who interviewed me told the recruiting manager he really liked me and wanted to bring me on board.

I guess with anything new I'm just a little nervous. I had the easiest job in the world and it was in my comfort zone. I decided though, I had to make a change and to make an upgrade. I didn't want a lateral move or a downgrade for that matter. The only way to find what I wanted was to take myself out of that comfort zone. That's exactly where I will be December 4, out of my comfort zone. I'm just praying I enjoy doing what I am going to do there because the opportunity to advance with this firm looks rewarding.

Side bar: I'm getting urges to tell the people I currently work with where to go and which train to take to get there. I pray I don't say anything to anyone that I've been dying to say for the past 5 years.

Work It

Well since I've started visiting C+D, I've become a little too fascinated with jsette's and sashaying. I called myself being silly and doing it but quickly realized I am too tall and my knees are in too bad of shape to be dipping to the floor that quickly. Check out homeboy in the front. He's kinda cute. Hopefully, with enough practive I too will release my jsettes on youtube. Be on the lookout.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Two Piece and a Biscuit

Yea, I just had to throw this in here before I hit the sack tonight. It's not even morning yet and I already know I'm calling out sick. You know someone who goes to work and says they ain't doing shit today? I'm one of them and I'm not up for it tomorrow. I might go get my car inspected tomorrow knowing damn well it won't pass. DAMN ENGINE LIGHT!! I have till the end of the month to figure out what I'm going to do with this car. I saw the chinese delivery man driving a broke down Accord, I wonder if he'd like a Ford? Then again, Accords are reliable vechicles. Just ask her. If you watch BET late enough on a Saturday night you just might get the chance to ask her (and a ringtone too).

I'll leave ya'll with some Goapele

Stock Trading Video Hosting Funny Videos Secrets

I Want You

Last time I remember this kid was on that God awful song w/Ashanti...Southside. It looks like he is back and grown up a bit. Lloyd, keep this up and I might just download your album this time around.

Riddle Me This:
Who is chick in the video and why does she look like she's at least 35 in the face? Don't get me wrong, she isn't a bad looking lady but she looks to be a little his senior. I'm just saying.

Dontrelle Willis Dunks

I figure I'll take this blog in all types of directions. Since I am a sneakerhead I figure I'll post pickups that I make. Not that you guys care but for the purposes of this exercise you will care :). Picked up these today, they are a Collection Royale release and named after Dontrelle Willis. The patent leather may scare some of you but the shoes really are sick in person. Check out some more pics of them.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Be Your Girl

I don't know how many of you are familiar with this lady but if you aren't you need to be. Her name is Teedra Moses and damn it I wish she was a platinum artist. Check out her album Complex Simplicity and look out for her in 2007.

Baby Sykes Put a Root On Me

Why, just why in the last couple of days have I been fixated on Ciara? I feel like I need to be cleansed. Not sure if it's some type of life crisis but damn Cici is looking good these days. Figure why not make my first post a song and video I've been feeling lately.

I feel like someone just invited me over to the cool table.

Just like always, it's hard for me to keep up with something new but I'm going to try with this. Not sure where I'm going to go from here but I'll come up with something.