Sunday, November 19, 2006

I Want You

Last time I remember this kid was on that God awful song w/Ashanti...Southside. It looks like he is back and grown up a bit. Lloyd, keep this up and I might just download your album this time around.

Riddle Me This:
Who is chick in the video and why does she look like she's at least 35 in the face? Don't get me wrong, she isn't a bad looking lady but she looks to be a little his senior. I'm just saying.


JaySpice said...

She looks like one of the chicks form Cherish.

Unknown said...

I am just glad to see a dark skinned prinicipal for once, you see how he gave the hand to the tragic mulatto...I was like Ohhhhh, we getting sexy dark skinned chicks...thank you lloyd for renenwing my faith for like one hot minute

rant over

Mail Order Girlfriend said...

She did look a little stunned, didn't she...haha. Whoever casted her gets a thumbs up but I still want to know, who she is and how old she is.