Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Nike Dunk Low Pro SB

Back with some heat. Had an idea for an outfit and needed some kicks to match. This sneaker is a collab with Medicom, a toy company in Japan. Ask me what they make and I couldn't tell you. Anyways, the colors on these are white/blue/orange. The blue is a distinct type that I can't name right now but it goes great with a Mets jersey. That's all I'm worried about.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

West Indian Massive

Yea, I'm back.

Felt like posting some shit that's currently spinning on the ipod.

Hot Fuk

Since the weather has been nice, yes I've been blasting this from the car. Matter of fact the whole Hot Fuk riddim is sick but this song is crazy. What's also crazy are the visuals in the video because point blank them girls are busted. That's all imma say on that one.

Chat To Mi Back

Haha, you can leave out Lady Saw? This shit is currently the ringtone on my sidekick. Good to see her still putting out tunes.

And a song that I will never fucking get tired of.


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

For Whoever is interested

Ok ya'll. It's time to plug someone's blog.

I've been reading this blog all morning and I can't stop. The creator of it should be given some type of humanity award, straight up. It's a personal blog but the meat of it is about personal finances. Most of us need help on the subject, me being one of them. Yea, I went to school to learn how to manage other people's money but it's not always so easy managing your own.

I'm going to link this blog over there ----> I'm also going to link this particular article that I found to be very useful. Copy and paste the link in your browser.


Friday, May 18, 2007

It's Friday Bitches

If ever you wondered

Have a nice weekend Bloggers!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Residents of Geightown...

It's time to unite. I've been surfing some new blogs and I won't put anyone on blast but the ignorance is stifling on Blogger. Granted, it's your little space on the innanet, you can say what the hell you think and/or want. Well this is my little space and I'm saying it's a little ri-dyke-ulous (if you like dic then fill in the blanks). I'd rather a person whom I never met in my life ask me a question rather than trying to make sense of some ignorance. We all have the right to form our own opinions, but know what you're talking about before you do.

Nike Air Max Light

Just something else to add to the repertoire courtesy of my baby. Happy Birthday to me Bitches!! This shoe bridged the gap between the original Air Max and the Air Max 90 (Some useless info for you all). Nike retro'ed it in some new colors but I think these are the best. Colors on these are black / white / sonic yellow / trpcl tl.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Monday Morning Entertainment

I don't want any of ya'll to act like you didn't LOVE this song when it hit the radio waves. Shit, then the video came out for it!! Double the fun!

I have so many questions tho so let me start

Who produced this song? Clearly as a producer you should be satisfied with the work you produce. Who let this shit out of the studio?

Who decided to put Bobby Brown on this track? Yea, let's get someone hot in R&b right now. Nah, we don't want R. Kelly...nah Carl Thomas wouldn't do it either...one of them boys from 112 is too busy. Who said, "Let's get it Bobby to do it"

Can ya'll just imagine Whitney Houston on the set of this video? I know her ass was there!
Tommbout "Aww hell to the naw"

I have so many more but I will leave you with this. Why in the fuck is he talking out the side of his mouth? Really and truly. Is that a new strain of coke? I seriously thought Bobby was having a stroke during the making of the video. His emphasis on "THEMMM" was bothering me as well.

Oh well, without further interupption...I present to you Stuart Little ft. Crack Mouth Bobby in Thug Luvin

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

About Shaq

Thought I would make an about me post--Some of us are feverishly trying to find out as much about me as they can.


I'm turning 24 next week. I'll accept gifts now or then. I take everything under the sun except for checks. I don't trust ya'll like that.

I'm a college graduate. I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Admin with a concentration in Finance and a minor in English.

What I do for a living? Ahh, has nothing to do with what I went to school for. That's what makes it so fun paying Sallie Mae back. I'm a "PC Specialist" for a law firm in Midtown Manhattan. Got benefits and a 401K. Shit, I can get your teeth fixed!

I'm vain when it comes to my appearance. Yes, we're all self conscious but I'll be the first to admit it. Ya'll know I don't play with the footwear and same goes with the clothes. Some think it's petty, oh well. Don't talk to me!

Money makes the world go round, right? Yes, so right now all I'm interested in is making money. You're either with me or against me...but if it isn't putting money in my pocket, then miss me with the bullshit.

Some say I'm very mature for my age. Most don't believe I'm how old I say I am. It's true. I haven't been thru some life altering changes but I have something that most don't know the meaning of, COMMON SENSE! Lucky for me I use it well. Book smarts are great, yes...but see how far it will get you.

I use my head rather than my heart and it is a gift and curse. I suppose that's why it's so hard sometimes for me to convey my feelings to others. I do have a heart ppl! lol

I guess there are more things to add to this meaningless post. I plan to let everyone know when I think of them too. BTW, if you're a lurker drop me a line. I see some new ppl have left comments in the below posts. Thanks for the luv.

What's up?!

Yea yea, so it's been a while. I've been busy, ok?!!

Nothing new in Shaq's world for the time being. I already hate just about all of the attorney's that work in this firm but that was already expected. I'm side-eyeing some folks in my circle too. I've already cut a few associates off from school but you ever felt that you may have to cut some personal friends off too? That's what I'm struggling with a little bit. Oh well, such is life right?

Since I let you into my world a little bit, take a look at Elmo's world.

Elmo's got the bitches lining up...Elmo's a pimp!