Thursday, May 24, 2007

West Indian Massive

Yea, I'm back.

Felt like posting some shit that's currently spinning on the ipod.

Hot Fuk

Since the weather has been nice, yes I've been blasting this from the car. Matter of fact the whole Hot Fuk riddim is sick but this song is crazy. What's also crazy are the visuals in the video because point blank them girls are busted. That's all imma say on that one.

Chat To Mi Back

Haha, you can leave out Lady Saw? This shit is currently the ringtone on my sidekick. Good to see her still putting out tunes.

And a song that I will never fucking get tired of.



Coco LaRue said...

Welcome back!

I love Lady Saw!

Anonymous said...

What go on myute?!

I was wondering who that was hittin me up with that new alias. You got some warrants or some shit?! LOL!

I finally broke down and bought an ipod... well.. it's not an ipod... it's an mp3 player. I'm stingy like a jew and didn't want to break bread. Especially not 270 on the ipod I really wanted. I'll wait for that one. First I have to get Sallie Mae off my ass. Prioritize...

Lady Saw is my shit too. My favorite reggee artist has been Vybz Cartel for aminute. I love that kat.

Kardinal Official has a new mixtape/cd out too that's pretty hot.