Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sky's The Limit

"Stay far from timid, only make moves when your heart is in it and live the phrase Sky's the Limit".

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Black Man's Lottery

I just got back from from doing my taxes--and it's a shame that I'm happy for my refund check. I'm happy to get back money that belonged to me in the first place. DAMN YOU UNCLE SAM!!!

In other news

It's cold as hell outside. This shit isn't a joke anymore. The wind is whipping through my North Face. Does that even sound right? Maybe tomorrow I'll wear my peacoat under my North Face and try again. BTW, if anyone wants to buy me a nice pair of gloves, I'm more than willing to accept them. Thanks.

I'm now going to address the bloggers that have been sending me e-mails to check out their sites. I've received more than one. I guess I can't be too mad 'cause I did put my email address on blast, but anything that is pertaining to my blog or your blog should be addressed in this blog. The e-mails are becoming a bit much.

Thanks a bunch. *Drop's Mic*

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Breakin' My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)

Thinking back on it, don't you think it was unnecessary to have all these cats in one group? It doesn't matter because this one song is on my list of all time favorites. If you have a set of pretty brown eyes, then the song is for you. If you don't, get some contacts and enjoy the song anyway.

5 things you didn't know about me

So it looks like I've been tagged by Jayspice. Now I've got to come up with 5 random facts about me. I'm not a random type of a person so this was not easy, by any means.

· I’ve said it once before to a blogger but most of my closest friends don’t know that I grew up a Jehovah’s Witness. My parents were really devout and I can’t ever say that I was interested in going to meetings every other day. I still remember everything that was taught and I can quote Bible scriptures like the back of my hand but I don’t practice the religion anymore. I’m very happy that I grew up a witness though; I think if I didn’t my life would drastically be different.

· I can probably sing you out of your panties. That’s of course if you’re giving them up. I don’t use my powers for evil though. I’m not an Aretha Franklin but when I was a kid I was that kid who wanted to entertain every damn body at family functions. I sang and sang like it was going out of style. No one knows this about me, just my family. My mother sang and it rubbed off on me. Somehow, something over the years changed that. I walk into a room now and I want to be the least noticed let alone get up and sing a ballad. Needless to say I don’t sing anymore. I’ll sing a song in the car or in the shower but that’s about it.

· I’m not a sexual person. If I’m feeling you I can chill with you and get to know you without having a single thought of wanting to get you in the sheets. I dunno what it is but sex just isn’t that big of a deal to me. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy it but I’d rather talk to a person for hours on end and find out where your head is. Often times I’m just content with holding you more so then romping around. Let's not get this twisted though. When business needs to be handled, it wil get handled.

· I own about a good 80-90 pairs of sneakers. It’s a ridiculous hobby but I’m in love with my kicks. Don’t get me twisted and think I have my priorities all mixed up because I don’t. I have enough dolo to buy a pair of kicks and make sure I don’t go hungry for the rest of the month. I’ve seen some ladies with a shoe fetish and I can’t even be mad at them. I’ve started selling most of my sneakers though because space is becoming limited. I’m trying to outgrow the whole sneaker thing this year.

· My older brother is mentally challenged. His condition is characterized as mild mental retardation. He acts like a normal 25 year old but if you spoke to him you would clearly know he didn’t have the intellect of a normal 25 year old. Most 25 yr olds I know don't have the intellect of a normal 25 yr old though. Growing up I took my brother everywhere because he couldn’t go places by himself. I was there in the barbershop with him every Saturday and I was walking him to and from school. I was outside of school fighting grown boys in junior high school because they were making fun of my brother (I was a tough little girl). He’s the only sibling I have so best believe imma look out for him till death.

Here are three more for good measure

· I hate beaches. I hate sand and the sun therefore beaches and I don’t mix. I can’t swim so I’m not hopping in the water. Sand between my toes irks me so I’m not taking a romantic stroll on the beach, either. Sorry, you can dead that fantasy.

· I don't like my first name. I really wish my mom had made my middle name my first name because Renee is so much better than (ha, you thought I was gonna slip up)? If I’ve sent you an email you know my first name but just know I don’t like it. My mom even told me once she wanted to name me Keturah. It’s a Bible name. I thank the Lord in the heavens she didn’t name me that. What is a Keturah?

· Shaq was a nickname given to me by my best friend my freshman year in college. The first time we played a game of pick up she told me I dominated the court like Shaq does. I was about the tallest and biggest girl out there so the name made sense. Before I knew it everyone on campus was calling me Baby Shaq. That’s what everyone calls me and if you call me by my first name it probably means you aren’t in my inner circle. There are a couple of chicks that are close to me who call me by my given name but that’s because they just want to be different. LOL

More bonuses.

I don't like to take pictures but get me drunk enough I'm known to jump in front of a camera or two. I normally don't smile but one of my "fans" is wearing a shirt with my picture on it. I had to smile at that. AND that date is just all wrong on that picture.

So I think I've posted enough incriminating info on here for one night. That will be all.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Shaq got Punk'd today and someone almost got hurt in the process. Nah, no one got hurt but my ass was scared as hell. Peep the scene

It was quiet as hell at work so my co-worker and I hopped on Yahoo games and started playing this scrabble type game. He was kicking my ass but that's beside the point. The two guys from the back office come out and were hanging around asking what we were doing. We looked up and said we were playing a game and everyone started to make small talk. It didn't dawn on me that these two ma'fuckers were up to no good. They leave our area and my co-worker and I get back to our game. All of a sudden my cd-rom drive starts opening and closing randomly. I noticed it but thought I was kicking the computer so hard the shit was opening. This happened for about 30 minutes and then my co-workers shit starts opening and closing too. We laughed it off until my computer just shut down on me. I was like yo, G...I think I have a virus or something. He was like well if you have one I have it too. I get up and went to the back office and told one guy my computer just upped and died on me. He came over to look at it and when he turned it back on there were a whole heapppp of folders on my desktop. I was like what the fuck is that?!! He looks up the name of the folders on Symantec and found out it was a malicious virus.

Ok, I'm scared at that point but it gets worse. I took the computer off the network in fear it would spread and basically shut the whole company down. All of a sudden my co-workers computer shut down too. He wasn't as brave as me 'cause he instantly started to panic. So I told him let's run a virus scan and see what happens. So we both go to the back office now and start talking to the guy and he told me hopefully it's just local and doesn't move about the network. I'm scared as hell now but I'm holding it together. I went to get a drink of water and I see the back office guy in the office with my boss. I went back to tell G, "Man we in trouble"!!! Instantly I got a phone call and this lady said she didn't know what happened but her computer shut down and she couldn't get it back up and running. That's when I felt like I was about to shit on myself. I'm like, shit this virus done spread. I went back to the other guy in the back office and he told me he was monitoring a server to see it's stability because he thinks the virus may have corrupted it. Now all I'm thinking about is where am I gonna find another job that pays this well 'cause I'm sure the two black kids are going to get fired. I sit back down in my seat and my blackberry vibrates. It's my boss and he sent G and I an email and copied the back office on it. He said, it has come to my attention that you two were playing yahoo games during business hours and there is a possible virus threat to our network. He also said that if this becomes serious necessary actions were going to be taken. The last line of the email said, scroll down.

This YT ma'fucker wrote, YOU'VE BEEN PUNK'D. I fell out in a dramatic cunty fashion and I ain't even lying. I almost had a heart attack and this shit was a joke. These two ma'fuckers were at their computers fucking with our computers the whole time. Needless to say the lady who called and said her computer was acting up was in on the joke too. H-A-H-A-H-to the motherfuckin A. Next time they get the only two black kids riled up like that it may not end so fuckin well. I must admit though, the shit was funny after all was said and done. G and I are now plotting on how we can get them back.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Seventeen Percent

I told my co-worker to check out the clip I posted the other day and of course we were getting the mean side eyes for making so much noise. He was literally crying, he hadn't seen that clip before. He put me on to Child Support Man. Now, he had me crying. If this isn't about the realest shit I've seen in a while, I dunno what is.

"Don't get fucked up" LOL


I didn't get to say it yesterday but I hope everyone has a good weekend. FUCK THIS SNOW. My friday night was a wash but hopefully tonight will be better.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

You need your ass beat, you need your ass beat

I needed a good laugh this evening, hopefully you all need one too.

Laughing at this when it came on tv nearly gave me a stomach ache. "Look Amber, don't FUCK UP". Enjoy!!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Adidas Stan Smith

Haven't made one of these posts in a minute. I'm thinking I might slow down with the sneaker purchases for a minute while I get rid of some sneakers that are creating clutter. EBAY HERE I COME. I needed a solid black pair of kicks with a clean look to them, though. You can't ever go wrong with a pair of Stan Smith's.

Are you a nigger?

Pretty much no words are needed here.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Strangers To Lovers

If strangers speak with honesty
And keep it real from the day they meet
Then a friendship is soon to follow
If a friend can be there in a time of need
And willing to give as much as they recieve
Then in no time friends will turn into lovers


Real words right there, but I have a question. Almost everyone agrees that you and your partner should share a friendship, right? In the same token, why do people say friends shouldn't become lovers?

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Donkey has spoken

The biggest donkey of the United States, hell perhaps the world has spoken.

What he said basically...24,000 troops will be deployed to Iraq over the next 3 months. I turned on the news this evening and found out some were already deployed today. Twenty four thousand additional lives will be at stake for this "War On Terror". I'm not even going to go there tonight. I thought it was strategic for bush to mention every so often al Qaeda. Bush I don't believe you, I need more people. The all of the United States knows this war is not about terrorism. That's another post though.

Bush feels there are not enough Iraqi and American troops to secure neighborhoods in Iraq. This is his reason why "we" haven't been able to secure Baghdad. How about they increase the number of Iraqi soldiers and let them go for themselves? Just a thought. No, Iraq doesn't want to deploy more troops to neutralize these Shiite militias because these bumblefucks are loyal to Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr. Al-Maliki (Iraqi prime minister) doesn't want to go against al-Sadr because al-Sadr's political support has been key to al-Maliki's rise to power and continuation in office. Oh really?? Bush, I know you know this because I know this. I read everyday, I'm not too sure about you but I know you know this. So let's help this man keep his political power by deploying more of our troops. Yes, that's the right thing to do.

These implementations and deployments costs money. The White House will ask Congress for $5.6 billion for the additional troops, and $1.2 billion for rebuilding and jobs programs in Iraq. Does anyone else see anything wrong with this statement right here? Money for "rebuilding and job programs in Iraq". JOB FUCKING PROGRAMS IN IRAQ. Here, right here in America Republicans don't want to raise the fucking minimum wage in fear it will hurt the economy. We can send money for job programs over there though. It's an arguement on if we should raise the federal minute wage 2 damn dollars. Was it a hurt on the economy when every year members of Congress got their annual raises? And we're talking about millions upon millions of dollars. That wasn't a strain on the economy? Raising the minimum raise will be a strain though. Again, I'm not going to go there tonight. I can only hope because Democrats control Congress, Bush and his financial plans get shot down to hell. He is the Commander in Chief but the Democrats are cutting the checks now. Funny thing out of all this though is we all know the Democrats aren't in love with Bush's decisions but now even his own party doesn't like this idea either. About three have already came out publicly in disagreement and it's expected about 8 more make their feelings known too.

I have one more thing to add. Ole Bush boy plans to hand control back over to Iraqi forces in November of 2007. Yes, we'll start to pull troops out by the end of the year, right? WRONG. He plans on givng control back to Iraq but not necessarily withdrawing troops by then. SO after 3000 U.S. lives lost and 400 billion dollars later, Bush just when do you think you'll bring our troops back home?

Nigga Please Award

It looks like from time to time I'm going to have to give this prestige honor out because some of us just can't do right...ever. This year's first recipient of the award goes to Jason Kidd.

Yes, Jason Kidd. Why is he a recipient of this award you ask? 'Cause for reasons beyond his control he couldn't manage to treat his wife right and now they're divorcing. It get's better though. He's accusing her of "extreme cruelty" throughout their marriage. Jason filed for divorce a day after he filed a domestic violence complaint seeking a restraining order against Joumana.

Ohhh, so now she's the one beating you up, ehh Jason??? Give me a fuckin' break. The divorce filing came less than a day after the 33-year-old NBA player filed a domestic violence complaint seeking a temporary restraining order against his wife. Jason, I personally never let you off the hook for punching homegirl in the mouth back in 2000. He was and will forever be a punk to me. Punched, not even slapped, her in the mouth over a french fry. Now he's filing complaints of domestic abuse. He needs to be punched in the gut.

I couldn't let this post go without saying something though. Shaq loves the kids, well other people's kids. When they act up I can give their asses right back. Anyway, I used to think their first son was just adorable.

Now the child simply looks like a window licker. I thought it was wrong how people would talk about the size of the child's head but fuck it, IT'S HUGE. Before I go on, if anyone knows if this child has a condition...let me know. I don't want to go off not knowing if something is truly wrong with him. See this picture below, I think it explains my case a little better.

If this does not scream short little bus, I don't know what does. Also, did anyone know this couple has a set of twin girls? You would never know, all she does is bring Heady Murphy to all the games. She must keep the girls working in the crypt while they're out. Since I plan on not having kids of my own, I can poke fun of other's kids. It's not right, I know but it's ok.

I see you though, Joumana. I wonder where he found this one at? Even she is too damn cute for Jason Kidd.

I wonder, wonder who...will be the next one to recieve the award. Stay tuned.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

The L Word

Season IV starts tonight and I'm in there like swimwear. I already sent out the memo that no one will interuppt me from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m on Sundays. Now on to Tasha, I don't know where they found her at but thumbs up to whoever casted her.

Friday, January 5, 2007

Random Quote

There are people who, instead of listening to what is being said to them, are already listening to what they are going to say themselves.

-Albert Guinon

Any of you out there know this type of person? You could be talking to someone, seriously talking to them, and sometimes not need an answer but just for someone to listen. Instead of listening they're already thinking of the answer they're going to give you. That ticks me off to no end. We all have ears but most of us fail to use them. Listening is a true art that most of us haven't mastered and most never will. You hear me??? ( I had to throw in the Ms. Peaches in there)

Thursday, January 4, 2007

A little lesson about Sex, Money and Drugs

A minute ago I went over to Mr. Larue's site and read his post entitled, "In my day we referred to it as the clap". I instantly thought of this Dave Chappelle skit. The first time I saw it the shit had me in tears. "I'm Gonorrhea and that's a fact, if you can't say that then call me clap". The crab bit is funny as hell too. Ok, I quit my own blog...I done gave myself a headache.

Cassie is not leaving Bad Boy

I don't know why I decided to post this. Well the place is called A Fool's Paraside, so lets bring on the fool. Well, I can't even call her a fool 'cause she turned some mean tricks to get to where she is at today. Just using what you got to get what you want, right? Ok, well rumor was she was leaving Bad Boy due to multiple reasons including harrassment. In the clip she clears up all those rumors and drops the bombshell, SHE'S RECORDING ANOTHER ALBUM!!!!! *shudders*

Insert I'd still smash here

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Candi Bar

I visit many blogs a day and I don't remember whose blog I peeped and heard this song, but it's been in my head since I've heard it. What the hell happened to Keith Muray?? Where is he?? Anyway enjoy the video.

A true hero

A day after talking about the trains and people being considerate, a man almost risked his life on the subway tracks to save another.

NEW YORK (AP) -- Wesley Autrey faced a harrowing choice, as he tried to rescue a teenager who had fallen off a platform onto a subway track in front of an approaching train: Struggle to hoist him back up to the platform in time, or take a chance on finding safety under the train.

At first, he tried to pull the young man up, but he was afraid he wouldn't make it in time and they would both be killed.

"So I just chose to dive on top of him and pin him down," he said. (Watch how shallow the rut is Video)

Autrey and the teen landed in the drainage trough between the rails Tuesday as a southbound No. 1 train entered the 137th Street/City College station.

The train's operator saw them on the tracks and applied the emergency brakes.

Two cars passed over the men -- with about 2 inches to spare, Autrey said. The troughs are typically about 12 inches deep but can be as shallow as 8 or as deep as 24, New York City Transit officials said.

Relatives identified the teen as Cameron Hollopeter, 19, of Littleton, Massachusetts, a student at the New York Film Academy.

Hollopeter's stepmother, Rachel Hollopeter, said Autrey was "an angel."

"He was so heroic," she said early Wednesday in a telephone interview. "If he wasn't there, this would be a whole different call."

Authorities said Hollopeter had suffered a medical problem, but was in stable condition at a hospital.

Autrey, 50, of Manhattan, declined medical attention.

Autrey had been waiting for a train with his two young daughters. After the train stopped, he heard bystanders scream and yelled out: "We're OK down here but I've got two daughters up there. Let them know their father's OK," The New York Times reported.

While spectators cheered Autrey, hugged him and hailed him as a hero, he didn't see it that way.

"I don't feel like I did something spectacular; I just saw someone who needed help," he told the Times. "I did what I felt was right."

I know he is trying to be modest but this man did a very brave and courageous thing. Bless his heart.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

You be the judge

I have something to get off my chest.

It has to do with the lack of manners some men have. I'm not sure if it's manners or home training, you be the judge. Before I start, in no way shape or form am I male bashing. It would be easier to believe that I hate men but in fact, I don't. Shaq hates no one, if you're cool with me then I'm cool with you. On some occassions I'm boggled by men's train of thoughts but who isn't?

I'm on the train this evening doing what I always do--sleeping while listening to my ipod. The train was already moving as we were heading from 1st avenue to Bedford avenue. To make it more plain the train was crossing into Brooklyn from Manhattan. You always know because the time in between stops is longer. I'm assuming this young woman got on the train at 1st avenue but I didn't wake up until Bedford. Something told me just to open my eyes. I look up and this lady is holding a new born baby in her arms. I looked at the baby and immediately got up and told her to sit down. Now, on a good day I am asleep from point A to B without ever opening my eyes. When I got up and gave my seat to her I looked in the face of about 7 men who made no attempt to even move. This lady was standing up holding this baby for a good 2 minutes, I would assume, and not one person gave their seat up. In a situation like this it shouldn't matter who gets up as long as someone does. However, like I said, I'm looking at 7 men in the immediate vicinity who just sat there. Am I wrong for being upset? She thanked me for giving it up and I told her no problem but what she should have done was give the side-eye to all those men on the train. How would they feel if their wives or girlfriends were on a crowded train holding their baby and no one offered them a seat? I mean really. On countless occassions I can remember helping ladies with their strollers up and down subway stairs while men are just going about their business. Some women brave it out, 'cause you really can't count on anyone for anything, and they're carrying that stroller up the stairs themselves. As much as you think you may have it I'm the last one who wants to see anyone trip and fall down some steps carrying a stroller. I would think it was second nature for a man to want to help a woman out in this regard. Maybe I'm blowing this situation all out of proportion. Answer me this and when I ask this, I'm not speaking about all men, but why don't men seem to have manners and decency in this day in age?

It's a question easier asked than answered, right?

Monday, January 1, 2007

I'm Destroyed Already

First off happy 2007 to everyone. I'm happy everyone made it into the New Year safe and in one piece.

I've seemed to not start mine on the right track but I had some fun nonetheless. I guess that's all that matters. I'm all scatter brains right now but I'll tell ya'll how my weekend went. Brace yourselves, it's a long one.

Friday- First off, I had to go to work. Enough said.

When I split from work I decided to take my car into the shop to get inspected. Let me just say that my Taurus is going to be the death of me. I knew this car wasn't going to pass inspection but I took it into the shop like I had a Mercedes Benz and shit. I left it there and dude gave me a call at home and was like, "This car isn’t passing this inspection". I had to laugh at the way he said it. What ended up happening?? I had to slip homeboy some extra duckets so he could trick his computer into passing my car for inspection. Yea, I'm good for another year but every time I start my car I'm polluting our environment. Give me a minute while I attempt to give a damn. I know I should but I'm struggling to right now. The silver bullet is not making it into 2008; I already know this. I've been really thinking about a brand new car but that's another story, better yet another post.

Later on that night, the festivities began. I did a little pre-gaming at a friend’s house. It's always in my best interest to be at least tipsy before I hit my destination. It makes the night go smoother for me. My best friend was driving tonight so I figured I could get inebriated, if need be. We met up with some of my friend’s associates and I was less than impressed. My buzz was gone after the introductions. That's about how the rest of my night went too. The club was wack, the music was wack, hell the whole night was wack.

Moving on to

Saturday- I made it up to take my car out of the shop. Slapped two c-notes on the counter and almost gave myself a coronary. I hate parting with my money, even when it's something I really want. Anyway, the rest of the day was pretty chill until I took my nap.

I get up from my nap and I'm in my ready, set, go mode. I start blasting "You Don't Have to Call". Even though the night before was a wash I was certain tonight was going to be better. I get dressed, making sure I look and smell good then I’m out the door. I had to go pick up my best friend and her girlfriend. I've never met someone who is so quiet in my life and honestly that scares me. Her girl laughs at just about everything I say but that's the only peep she makes. No words, no nothing. I told my best friend, I certainly hope she talks to you more than she does to the rest of the world. Anyway, this night isn’t about her, it's about SHAQ. So we get to our destination. The line was ridiculous and I was a little antsy. I hate lines. Truth be told, I'm a little impatient. I don't get ridiculous and show out but I still hate lines. We finally get in and I'm checking out the scene and I like it. Didn't take me 10 minutes and I was at the bar. I drank my dinner that night but I was composed. I was glad I was 'cause I spotted someone who made me do a triple take, if that's possible. I really broke my neck. I would make a long story short but I feel like typing so here goes.

It took an hour and a half of looking, staring and acting like I wasn't looking in her direction for me to get enough nerve to say something. So I make my way to the other side of the club. Eye contact is there and I’m thinking, YES SHAQ IS IN. I stood there for a minute looking around like I didn’t come over there to talk to her. Then I tapped her on the shoulder. When she turned around I turned my head like it wasn’t me who tapped her. She didn’t cop an attitude so at least I knew she could take a little joke. I asked if I could buy her something to drink but she pointed to her bottle of water and said that's all she was drinking tonight. Cool, it's whatever. I made some more small talk and asked what her name was. She told me and I responded with mine and told her it was nice to meet her. The place is loud and packed but I'm doing my best to find out things about her. All I got was that she graduated from NYU in December, she was 22 years old and she wanted to go to grad school. She originally is from Detroit and moved to NYC to go to school. Cue the music

How can I manifest her uniqueness in vernacular??
Like a chocolate Candi Bar
Yea that describes her

By this time I'm on cloud 9 ya'll. I’m not much of a dancer when I’m sober so I’m just making a little more small talk. Times like this I just like to stand around and laugh at all the hot messes that management let enter the club. I was making her laugh some and she kept telling me, “That’s not nice”. She kept laughing though so I guess we both were going to hell.

It' was about 3 a.m. and her and her girls decided to split. I asked if she would mind if I gave her a call sometime (I'm so corny with it, ya'll) and she dropped the math. Now that was the highlight of my Saturday night. The low-point of it...*drum roll please* I LOST MY MOTHERFUCKING CELLULAR PHONE!!!!!!!!!!! From the point of putting it in my pocket and getting in the car I lost that shit. You should have seen me back tracking trying to look for it. I could have cried, matter of fact I almost did. HER NUMBER WAS IN THAT CELL PHONE AND I LOST IT!!! I would have given anything to lose the sidekick and not my cell phone that particular night. But wait, there is more. While I was looking for my cell phone I didn’t see the parking ticket that was on my windshield. When the search was over for the phone I got in the car and looked down. I see the orange envelope and I immediately got out the car and kicked my foot so far up in the air my sneaker came off. If I wasn’t so mad I would have laughed at myself but this shit wasn’t funny. Who writes a $115 ticket at 4:20 a.m. on Sunday morning? THE FUCKING NYPD, that’s who. Ya'll I was so mad I shut down for the whole night. Didn't say a word to anyone. The five words my best friends girl says to me are, "Damn Shaq, that's messed up". I wanted to pull over and tell her to walk the FDR Drive because her two cents were not needed at that particular time. I got home and went to bed mad as hell. Why did my night start so nice and have to end up like that?? What did I ever do to deserve this? Why must I cryyyyyyy???

Sunday- I woke up in the shittiest of moods because of the shenanigans that took place the night before. I’m looking at the ticket on my bookcase. I’m looking at my phone charger, where my phone should be. Then I’m thinking about girl I met earlier. I don't even know what borough she lives in. No last name either, just her first. Ahh well, by the mid-day I just had to let it go. I fucked that up and it was time to look forward to New Years.

I didn't leave the house till about 1 a.m. My best friend was in church bringing in her New Year and I respected her for that so I hung around until she was ready. It was pouring cats and dogs out there by 12:30 and I almost stayed home. It took a lot of strength to get dressed and want to leave the house. I told a home girl of mine I would stop by her party for a little bit. We get there and it's a lot of strange folks there but it was still ok. My home girl was drunk as hell and I didn't even know she drank liquor. Looked like she was having too good of a time. We had to leave sooner than expected because someone had a little too much to drink. This guy and this girl were sitting on the couch and I think they were dry humping. No matter of fact, I think they were having sex. I wasn’t too sure ‘cause they both still had clothes on but I didn’t want to stay any longer to find out.

We left that party and hit up a club in Brooklyn. Wasn't the brightest of ideas but to travel into the city was just a waste of time. I made some phone calls (ON MY SIDEKICK, WHICH PROBABLY COST ME 5 BUCKS) and tried to find out where the best place to be was and there is where we were headed. The place didn't close until 8 a.m. so getting there at 3:30 didn't matter. Folks were acting up like it was 12 am anyway. It was just my best friend and I, and I tried for her to be on her best behavior but she wasn't having it. Her girlfriend wasn't with us and she was acting up. Long story short, I ended up driving home by myself because Ms. Superstar walked somebody else home, in the rain. The chick had an umbrella so I looked at my b/f and said do what you want just call me when you get home. I'm glad she walked her home because the girl she was talking to wasn't getting in my car. I was not trying to make any extra stops on my way home because it was still pouring out there. I made my way home at about 6 a.m. and I open the door and my cat is sitting on the living room table. Like that shit is a chair or something. She didn’t even make an attempt to jump off. My cat doesn’t even respect my authority. Isn’t that some shit??

It’s now Monday evening about 6 pm and I’ve been asleep just about all day. I have to get my mind right for work tomorrow. I'm still here thinking about my phone too. I have to call Sprint tomorrow and go through this insurance shit with them now. I'm not even sure how much the deductible is but I guarantee it's some ridiculous amount of money. Everyone in the U.S.A knows that Sprint isn’t worth two red cents. I feel a swing of emotions coming on right about now. I'm going to go make myself a cup of tea to calm my nerves. Why tea, you may ask. Whilst running around in the rain acting like a fool I caught a cold. I’ll tell you this; next year I’ll be having a Rockin’ Jockin’ New Years with Dick Clark and channel 7, ‘cause I am not going anywhere!!!