Wednesday, January 24, 2007

5 things you didn't know about me

So it looks like I've been tagged by Jayspice. Now I've got to come up with 5 random facts about me. I'm not a random type of a person so this was not easy, by any means.

· I’ve said it once before to a blogger but most of my closest friends don’t know that I grew up a Jehovah’s Witness. My parents were really devout and I can’t ever say that I was interested in going to meetings every other day. I still remember everything that was taught and I can quote Bible scriptures like the back of my hand but I don’t practice the religion anymore. I’m very happy that I grew up a witness though; I think if I didn’t my life would drastically be different.

· I can probably sing you out of your panties. That’s of course if you’re giving them up. I don’t use my powers for evil though. I’m not an Aretha Franklin but when I was a kid I was that kid who wanted to entertain every damn body at family functions. I sang and sang like it was going out of style. No one knows this about me, just my family. My mother sang and it rubbed off on me. Somehow, something over the years changed that. I walk into a room now and I want to be the least noticed let alone get up and sing a ballad. Needless to say I don’t sing anymore. I’ll sing a song in the car or in the shower but that’s about it.

· I’m not a sexual person. If I’m feeling you I can chill with you and get to know you without having a single thought of wanting to get you in the sheets. I dunno what it is but sex just isn’t that big of a deal to me. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy it but I’d rather talk to a person for hours on end and find out where your head is. Often times I’m just content with holding you more so then romping around. Let's not get this twisted though. When business needs to be handled, it wil get handled.

· I own about a good 80-90 pairs of sneakers. It’s a ridiculous hobby but I’m in love with my kicks. Don’t get me twisted and think I have my priorities all mixed up because I don’t. I have enough dolo to buy a pair of kicks and make sure I don’t go hungry for the rest of the month. I’ve seen some ladies with a shoe fetish and I can’t even be mad at them. I’ve started selling most of my sneakers though because space is becoming limited. I’m trying to outgrow the whole sneaker thing this year.

· My older brother is mentally challenged. His condition is characterized as mild mental retardation. He acts like a normal 25 year old but if you spoke to him you would clearly know he didn’t have the intellect of a normal 25 year old. Most 25 yr olds I know don't have the intellect of a normal 25 yr old though. Growing up I took my brother everywhere because he couldn’t go places by himself. I was there in the barbershop with him every Saturday and I was walking him to and from school. I was outside of school fighting grown boys in junior high school because they were making fun of my brother (I was a tough little girl). He’s the only sibling I have so best believe imma look out for him till death.

Here are three more for good measure

· I hate beaches. I hate sand and the sun therefore beaches and I don’t mix. I can’t swim so I’m not hopping in the water. Sand between my toes irks me so I’m not taking a romantic stroll on the beach, either. Sorry, you can dead that fantasy.

· I don't like my first name. I really wish my mom had made my middle name my first name because Renee is so much better than (ha, you thought I was gonna slip up)? If I’ve sent you an email you know my first name but just know I don’t like it. My mom even told me once she wanted to name me Keturah. It’s a Bible name. I thank the Lord in the heavens she didn’t name me that. What is a Keturah?

· Shaq was a nickname given to me by my best friend my freshman year in college. The first time we played a game of pick up she told me I dominated the court like Shaq does. I was about the tallest and biggest girl out there so the name made sense. Before I knew it everyone on campus was calling me Baby Shaq. That’s what everyone calls me and if you call me by my first name it probably means you aren’t in my inner circle. There are a couple of chicks that are close to me who call me by my given name but that’s because they just want to be different. LOL

More bonuses.

I don't like to take pictures but get me drunk enough I'm known to jump in front of a camera or two. I normally don't smile but one of my "fans" is wearing a shirt with my picture on it. I had to smile at that. AND that date is just all wrong on that picture.

So I think I've posted enough incriminating info on here for one night. That will be all.


Anonymous said...

*I don’t use my powers for evil though.*

First CoCo and Dareal go claiming their saints, and assless chap wearing saints at that! And now this!?! Hahaha!

Let me find out theres bitches running around NY lokin for their panties cuz your bustin the notes on dem hoes! LOL!

I can't wait to get back home so we can all get up. I'm gonna bring my crazy ass homegyrl and me, you CoCo LaSaint, Blk Grl, (and we gotta get Jay Spice to come through) to get up and kick it. You all seem madd cool and fun to kick it with. And you know the LaSaint has a birthday coming up!

My shoe fetish is getting worse and worse. I need a Tyra intervention badly. I almost busted into tears the other day when I realized that I had to get rid of some of my shoes because they all can't come with me. So I had to part withs some of them. (Thanks for the tips the other day, too.) But I will be replacing them when I get home with some fresh jump-offs!

Unknown said...

Shaq I would never think that you sang...oh me and you have to do a duet lol and you know this man, we could be like Sonny and Cher...I'll be Sonny you be Cher.

I am glad you protect your brother, I know you fucked them lil boys up!

So you like to cuddle and hold, see if you was a man i wouldnt fuck with you...I would be looking at you crazy like, cuddle, nugga what?! You betta whip that joint out.LOL I'm buggin...

JaySpice said...

You know I owe you a azz whooping! Coming in my comment section acting a fewl. When I meet you I'm have on some flucked up azz white boots and make you walk me to the store.

Oh. So you're the reason I found a pair of panties in the gutter last week. Chicks be walking past your window and be dropping they draws. *smh*

Coco LaRue said...

I'm a singer, too, but I use my powers for evil. (But you probably knew that.)

I like your first name. I think it's pretty. I used to tell niggas in that club it was my name.

Mail Order Girlfriend said...

Hey hey hey...

I am not the reason why ya'll finding panty draws scattered across ya'll cities. Talk to Coco about that.

Anyone hear that song on Uncut, "I Ain't Got No Pannies On". I know I'm not the only on. Now I can't get the flippin' song out my head.

Mail Order Girlfriend said...

..and thank you Coco.

Julia_Claudine_Deveraux said...

Your first name is pretty, stop tripping!

You didn't tell me you could sing! Dammit, withholding information already *grits teeth*

My son has a mental handicap, he's ADHD and ODD so I understand about the need to protect the ones you love. Although he's highly intelligent, his emotional state has to catch up with the rest of him. It's not an issue that is as severe as your brother's but I totally understand.

I feel you on the beach shit...the thought of sand between my toes makes me wanna hurl...I'm an adventurer kind of chick..I'd rather go skiing or hiking.