Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Shaq got Punk'd today and someone almost got hurt in the process. Nah, no one got hurt but my ass was scared as hell. Peep the scene

It was quiet as hell at work so my co-worker and I hopped on Yahoo games and started playing this scrabble type game. He was kicking my ass but that's beside the point. The two guys from the back office come out and were hanging around asking what we were doing. We looked up and said we were playing a game and everyone started to make small talk. It didn't dawn on me that these two ma'fuckers were up to no good. They leave our area and my co-worker and I get back to our game. All of a sudden my cd-rom drive starts opening and closing randomly. I noticed it but thought I was kicking the computer so hard the shit was opening. This happened for about 30 minutes and then my co-workers shit starts opening and closing too. We laughed it off until my computer just shut down on me. I was like yo, G...I think I have a virus or something. He was like well if you have one I have it too. I get up and went to the back office and told one guy my computer just upped and died on me. He came over to look at it and when he turned it back on there were a whole heapppp of folders on my desktop. I was like what the fuck is that?!! He looks up the name of the folders on Symantec and found out it was a malicious virus.

Ok, I'm scared at that point but it gets worse. I took the computer off the network in fear it would spread and basically shut the whole company down. All of a sudden my co-workers computer shut down too. He wasn't as brave as me 'cause he instantly started to panic. So I told him let's run a virus scan and see what happens. So we both go to the back office now and start talking to the guy and he told me hopefully it's just local and doesn't move about the network. I'm scared as hell now but I'm holding it together. I went to get a drink of water and I see the back office guy in the office with my boss. I went back to tell G, "Man we in trouble"!!! Instantly I got a phone call and this lady said she didn't know what happened but her computer shut down and she couldn't get it back up and running. That's when I felt like I was about to shit on myself. I'm like, shit this virus done spread. I went back to the other guy in the back office and he told me he was monitoring a server to see it's stability because he thinks the virus may have corrupted it. Now all I'm thinking about is where am I gonna find another job that pays this well 'cause I'm sure the two black kids are going to get fired. I sit back down in my seat and my blackberry vibrates. It's my boss and he sent G and I an email and copied the back office on it. He said, it has come to my attention that you two were playing yahoo games during business hours and there is a possible virus threat to our network. He also said that if this becomes serious necessary actions were going to be taken. The last line of the email said, scroll down.

This YT ma'fucker wrote, YOU'VE BEEN PUNK'D. I fell out in a dramatic cunty fashion and I ain't even lying. I almost had a heart attack and this shit was a joke. These two ma'fuckers were at their computers fucking with our computers the whole time. Needless to say the lady who called and said her computer was acting up was in on the joke too. H-A-H-A-H-to the motherfuckin A. Next time they get the only two black kids riled up like that it may not end so fuckin well. I must admit though, the shit was funny after all was said and done. G and I are now plotting on how we can get them back.


Anonymous said...

I fell out in a dramatic cunty fashion and I ain't even lying.

That's sounds like my job. These mafukkas stay playin jokes around here!

JaySpice said...

Yo...I would have been shyting my pants. I LOL the H-A, H-A part. That clip from the other day was funny azz shyt.