Tuesday, January 2, 2007

You be the judge

I have something to get off my chest.

It has to do with the lack of manners some men have. I'm not sure if it's manners or home training, you be the judge. Before I start, in no way shape or form am I male bashing. It would be easier to believe that I hate men but in fact, I don't. Shaq hates no one, if you're cool with me then I'm cool with you. On some occassions I'm boggled by men's train of thoughts but who isn't?

I'm on the train this evening doing what I always do--sleeping while listening to my ipod. The train was already moving as we were heading from 1st avenue to Bedford avenue. To make it more plain the train was crossing into Brooklyn from Manhattan. You always know because the time in between stops is longer. I'm assuming this young woman got on the train at 1st avenue but I didn't wake up until Bedford. Something told me just to open my eyes. I look up and this lady is holding a new born baby in her arms. I looked at the baby and immediately got up and told her to sit down. Now, on a good day I am asleep from point A to B without ever opening my eyes. When I got up and gave my seat to her I looked in the face of about 7 men who made no attempt to even move. This lady was standing up holding this baby for a good 2 minutes, I would assume, and not one person gave their seat up. In a situation like this it shouldn't matter who gets up as long as someone does. However, like I said, I'm looking at 7 men in the immediate vicinity who just sat there. Am I wrong for being upset? She thanked me for giving it up and I told her no problem but what she should have done was give the side-eye to all those men on the train. How would they feel if their wives or girlfriends were on a crowded train holding their baby and no one offered them a seat? I mean really. On countless occassions I can remember helping ladies with their strollers up and down subway stairs while men are just going about their business. Some women brave it out, 'cause you really can't count on anyone for anything, and they're carrying that stroller up the stairs themselves. As much as you think you may have it I'm the last one who wants to see anyone trip and fall down some steps carrying a stroller. I would think it was second nature for a man to want to help a woman out in this regard. Maybe I'm blowing this situation all out of proportion. Answer me this and when I ask this, I'm not speaking about all men, but why don't men seem to have manners and decency in this day in age?

It's a question easier asked than answered, right?


Anonymous said...

Good point, although I don't think its just about men. Women can be just as rude and inconsiderate.

I'm a woman and when I see anyone - man or woman, with an armload of baby or bags or other stuff, I hold the door, move to let them sit, or stand aside at the cash register so they can set their load down. And majority of the time people do the same for me. But yeah unfortunately there are alot of inconsiderate, self-centered people in the world. Those are the ones I just want to throw a bucket of water on and yell, "Hey! Learn some manners you ass!"

Anonymous said...

I think men these days are a bunch of rude fuckas, too. A vast majority act as if they were raised by a pack of wolves. I am usually assisted by a woman. And if I happen to be lended a hand by a man, they act as if I have to give them my number or some shit.

Men these days have no morals. Men used to hold doors and give up their seats. Now they'll run you over to get there first. *smh*

Coco LaRue said...

"How would they feel if their wives or girlfriends were on a crowded train holding their baby and no one offered them a seat?"

The sad thing is that most men (people) wouldn't care. Society is just ruder these days. Male or female, people are more interested in getting theirs, regardless of how it impacts others.

Mail Order Girlfriend said...

Everyone is right, it matters not male or female...EVERYONE is out for theirs. Hell, I won't lie at times I'm out for self too. However, there are times you just have to step outside yourself and do the right thing. My goodness, something as simple as getting the hell up so someone else could sit down. It's not detrimental to your health or well being. It's a shame others don't see it that way.

JaySpice said...

Girrrrllllll.....I see this all the time. I take public transportation too. I have given up my seat many a day for women (and men) with children. I don't see many men with newborns so I don't do it as often for them. I also give up my seat for the elderley.
While people or pushing a shoving to get onto the bus I kindly step aside(and take a couple of people with me) so the women with the newborn strapped to her chest can get on the damn bus.

Coco LaRue said...

I agree. I try to do a little something nice whenever I can... As a matter of practice, I don't usually sit; I almost always stand. As I healthy young male, I don't mind doing it. And this is part of the reason why I almost never take the train anymore.