Monday, May 14, 2007

Monday Morning Entertainment

I don't want any of ya'll to act like you didn't LOVE this song when it hit the radio waves. Shit, then the video came out for it!! Double the fun!

I have so many questions tho so let me start

Who produced this song? Clearly as a producer you should be satisfied with the work you produce. Who let this shit out of the studio?

Who decided to put Bobby Brown on this track? Yea, let's get someone hot in R&b right now. Nah, we don't want R. Kelly...nah Carl Thomas wouldn't do it of them boys from 112 is too busy. Who said, "Let's get it Bobby to do it"

Can ya'll just imagine Whitney Houston on the set of this video? I know her ass was there!
Tommbout "Aww hell to the naw"

I have so many more but I will leave you with this. Why in the fuck is he talking out the side of his mouth? Really and truly. Is that a new strain of coke? I seriously thought Bobby was having a stroke during the making of the video. His emphasis on "THEMMM" was bothering me as well.

Oh well, without further interupption...I present to you Stuart Little ft. Crack Mouth Bobby in Thug Luvin

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