Thursday, May 17, 2007

Nike Air Max Light

Just something else to add to the repertoire courtesy of my baby. Happy Birthday to me Bitches!! This shoe bridged the gap between the original Air Max and the Air Max 90 (Some useless info for you all). Nike retro'ed it in some new colors but I think these are the best. Colors on these are black / white / sonic yellow / trpcl tl.


Julia_Claudine_Deveraux said...

HOT! Great color scheme.

Anonymous said...

I'se jealous!!

DAMN YOU!!!! Happy Birthday btw, but DAMN YOU!!

I got somenew kicks too. I'm trying to step my sneaker game up a bit. I usually stay in a pair of crispy white K-Swiss or some off the wall Converses (NOT all-stars)
Whoever got you those for your birthday has EXCELLENT taste. I hope you thanked them well...

Mail Order Girlfriend said...

Ninja got a blog...I'm so stalking you. *I keed I keed*

and yes Ninja, I plan to thank them*.