Tuesday, May 8, 2007

What's up?!

Yea yea, so it's been a while. I've been busy, ok?!!

Nothing new in Shaq's world for the time being. I already hate just about all of the attorney's that work in this firm but that was already expected. I'm side-eyeing some folks in my circle too. I've already cut a few associates off from school but you ever felt that you may have to cut some personal friends off too? That's what I'm struggling with a little bit. Oh well, such is life right?

Since I let you into my world a little bit, take a look at Elmo's world.

Elmo's got the bitches lining up...Elmo's a pimp!


JaySpice said...

Yes lawd! I see I'ma have to email you the youtubes I find cause I saw this a couple weeks ago and DIED!

I have been dealing with the friend situation for a while now so let me now what you decide to do. I am always looking for advice.

Best line
Elmo will put in a box....BYTCH!

S.K. said...

I love the video!!!

I won't even quote it. TOO many classic lines.