Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Bored at Work

I'm at work posting on my blog--do I care? NO My boss is sitting right next to me, she sees that I'm not doing work--do I care? NO. Now that we've gotten that out the way. It is Wednesday and pay day was last Thursday. Where is my money? This direct deposit shit this lady has in place is for the birds, I can't deal. Every other week my salary drops in my account when it feels like it. Now what if I needed that money to pay a bill today or something, I would be assed out wouldn't I? Thank goodness the savings and checking is linked or else I would be broke right now. I'm a little ass backwards complaining about stuff like this when it's almost time for my departure. Would have made more sense if I said something from jump, right? YEA. But whatever.

I figure since I'm not doing anything I would play my ipod, right? NO. The shit is broken once again. For anyone out there who cares and trusts my advice, DO NOT BUY AN IPOD. Cosmetically they are the nicest thing on the market but these devices are absolute shit. I'm not certain if Apple has a personal vendetta against me but every ipod I own has failed me about every 6 months. The life on these things should be longer than that, especially when you pay 300 BUCKS FOR IT!!! I'm looking around for a new mp3 player. I absolutely can't live without it. When you take public transportation everyday you need something to divert your attention away from the looney tunes. Or the people who want to tell you their whole life story then ask for a piece of change. Anyone who knows of a solid, decent priced mp3 player let me know.

What else can I rant about? My boss is still sitting next to me watching me not work. I won't ask the question because the answer is still NO. I feel like scooting underneath my desk for a nap but that would be over the top, right? YEA. I know, I'll start cleaning out my desk. That will keep me busy till 4:30. Ok, let me get off of here before is the next website the company blocks.


Anonymous said...

I put my paycheck on it that your gonna blackout before you leave that job!!! Bwahaha!

Mail Order Girlfriend said...

My goal isn't just to blackout but to be escorted out of the building in the process. Go out with a bang. If imma do it I gotta do it right.

Anonymous said...


HAHAHA! I hear that!


When I leave my job I might just throw a cup of piss all over this b***h just cause! lol!