Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Paul Mooney is that dude

I was visiting a blog and came across this video. I had to comment on it. I've always thought Paul Mooney was over the top but this was hilarious. Does Greta want a cookie that she's been to the Apollo? I'm sure she's the type you ask her how many black friends does she have she can give you an answer in 2 seconds. Let me stop, I don't know this woman personally but whoever was in the background thought Paul was funny too.

I'm really trying to track down that video of him on the BET Comedy Awards giving out the Nigga Please award. He burned Diana Ross and Tracee was right in the audience. It was messed up but funny as hell.

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JaySpice said...

LMMFAO! That joke at the end had me LOL at work. I'm glad nobody was around. I liked when he told the chick that she probably lived in the Apollo Theater.