Monday, November 27, 2006

Recap of today

I have four days to swallow my fear and do the do. Since I start my new job on Monday I won't be on the same bus route coming home. There is someone that I've seen for about 6 months now that I haven't gathered up enough nerve to say so much as hello to. I may not be the most girliest girl but I still have that instinct. You just know when someone at least will talk to you if you said hi. Six months I've been acting like a punk. For the most part, I just don't see myself breaking that wall down. Rejection is one thing but it's a bit different in my situation. Some people just need to walk around with a clear as day sign on their forehead. It would make situations so much damn easier.

I have the most hideous headache right now. I don't know if others get the same way I do but if I'm on a bus I have to be able to see out the window or I get really bad headaches. This evening I wasn't able to sit by a window and I had to sit next to a lady who had this unbearable fragrance on. She smelled like flowers and Irish Spring. That shit was about to make me pass out. I pay $5 a ride on the express bus and 6 times out of 10 I get the same headaches as I would if I took the train. I'm requesting to my boss that I be chauffeured to and from work. It's only right!

I'm calling it an early night tonight. Aleve + a hot shower + turning the phone off = a good night's sleep.

I've heard this song for about a good month and didn't know who it was. I never expected Tamia to be talking so fresh in her songs but I like the track. I might have to check out her album "Between Friends"

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Anonymous said...

I had a migraine yesterday and had to blackout on my neighbors...

These jacka$$es sounded like a heard of elephants and were upstairs cackling like some damn hyienas! I deaded that real quick...
Migraines are no joke.


You betta be like Nike and Just Do It! I did that before, pushed it off and pushed it off, and don't you know this mofo is in the NFL now!! Last time I saw him he was likie, "yeah, I was always feelin you but I just never said anything!" WTF?!? Talk about regretting the past...
Go for it! And when you get the math you'll be like, 'damn... wish I would've done that earlier.'
And if you don't... oh well. You'll be catchin another route anyway!
Go for it!