Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sound Familiar?

I read this article this morning and my heart sank to the floor. It really is too early to draw conclusions from this all but I pose one question. These plain clothed cops fired 50 shots. When did it dawn on anyone that no one was firing back at them? I am just at a loss for words for this whole situation and honestly I just don't understand it. All I can wholeheartdly say is I agree with the fiancee's mom "Cops are very comfortable killing black men".


JaySpice said...

This is some crazy shyt. One cop paused to reload! I think it was just like the guy said, he saw guys dressed like him pull out a gun and he tried to drive off. What did they expect? Cops love to make up stupid azz reason they unloaded their guns.

Anonymous said...

The NYPD is the worst gang on the streets. This has to come to an end. Before I left from up top I had a chance to go to a rally in Queens and everybody was there. Sharpton, The Black Panthers, and Muslims. I hope these men get jistice... it still won't bring him back though.