Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dild...I mean Dora Aquapet.

Yea, I'm back.
Ever since I can remember my mind has lived in the gutter. A mind is a terrible thing to waste so I've been trying but things like this pull me back in. Just what kind of toy is this? Wait, don't answer that...

Sidenote: My YT co-worker is talking about her hay days and I really don't give a shit. I'm typing while I'm looking dead in her face with this blank look in my eyes but she's still going. OK, now she shut up.


Anonymous said...

I seeyou've gotten into your f-it mode in your final days! bwahaha! It happens to the best of us! Did you get the math yet from the bus jumpoff!?!? You have limited time if you didn't... need to jump on that!

That "toy" needs to be taken off the kiddie market... and put into sex shops. I'd feel kinda wierd shovin Dora up My Nah-Nah... ewww!

Mail Order Girlfriend said...

I didn't get the math but I got conversation. It was real innocent though. A lot of smiling and giggles but we'll see. I got tonight and tomorrow to say something serious.

Anonymous said...

Good shit! Keep me posted... smiling and giggling is a good sign!