Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Brooklyn, sit down.

By commenting on the Knicks does not mean in any way shape or form am I a fan. These dudes are sorrier than sorry. I merely thought I would point out Stephon Marbury’s situation right now. He suffers from “I make too much damn money and don't deserve it". Alan Houston suffered from the same problem, luckily for him his ass retired. I think he still draws salary though but this isn’t about him. It’s about Brooklyn right now. This dude is putting our borough to shame. Kingdom Come now this shit. He is averaging 9 points a game with about 5 assists all in 16 games. I’m a ball player so I know what it is to “have a bad game”. Give me a million dollar salary however, and I’ll do some Jordan-esque dunks (or break my neck in the process). There is just no excuse for the Knicks star player to be playing like do-do. NO REASON.

Last 5 outings for Stephon
7 points, 4 assists on 2 for 13 shooting
0 points, 2 assists and this dude didn’t attempt a shot all damn night
2 points, 3 assists on 1 for 4 shooting
18 points, 3 assists on 7 for 15 shooting
3 points, 3 assists on 1 for 2 shooting

Is this some type of personal protest?


Anonymous said...

I named the Knicks the Bricks a few years back because they stay f'in up some points. Booo Knocks Boooo!

In other news... I'm still pissed they're takin my Nets away...

The league isn't what it used to be

Mail Order Girlfriend said...

Oh that's right, they're bringing them to Brooklyn. I'm not too thrilled about that either. The location they are building this arena is pushing it too far.