Monday, November 20, 2006

Upgrading Myself

Yep, so in exactly 2 weeks I start my new job. I accepted a position as a help desk/pc support specialist. Negotiated a great starting salary too. I know those people there didn't expect that out of me. Thought I was just going to go for the okey doke.

I'm a little skeptical of how things are going to be though. I'm currently at American Express and it's a pretty diverse crowd. I'm lying but there are enough people there that look like me for me to get by. I went on 4 total interviews with this new firm and I saw a total of 2 black people. One was in construction clothes holding a hammer and the other one was pushing the mail cart. Right off the bat I didn't think I would get the job. Come to find out the CIO who interviewed me told the recruiting manager he really liked me and wanted to bring me on board.

I guess with anything new I'm just a little nervous. I had the easiest job in the world and it was in my comfort zone. I decided though, I had to make a change and to make an upgrade. I didn't want a lateral move or a downgrade for that matter. The only way to find what I wanted was to take myself out of that comfort zone. That's exactly where I will be December 4, out of my comfort zone. I'm just praying I enjoy doing what I am going to do there because the opportunity to advance with this firm looks rewarding.

Side bar: I'm getting urges to tell the people I currently work with where to go and which train to take to get there. I pray I don't say anything to anyone that I've been dying to say for the past 5 years.

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Anonymous said...

When I leave a job... I always wyle out the last three days. It's mandatory... just let em have it!

Congrats on your Upgrade, too!