Thursday, December 14, 2006

Break Ups 2 Make Ups

Meth said it best, "I hope you ain't looking for love 'cause I ain't got none left for you...PLUS YOU MISERABLE".


Anonymous said...

That's when Meth was official! This song was ans still is hot. Thanks for starting my morning off right... because Foldgers just wasn't doin it for me today!

: )

JaySpice said...

This EXTREMLY weird. I was gonna do a post on this video. Scary!
I don't like rap but I love this song.

Unknown said...

Shaq, baby you going through something. You Vita used to be that shit, sad to see Murder did her dirty, what you mean Jerzey Meth still that shit, just underpromoted, he can alsways come over to BLK GRL LOVE SHACK if he needs a deal, I got a few records he could spin on...

Mail Order Girlfriend said...

Another one of those timeless songs.

TB, talking about Folgers...I don't know what happened but I'm a beast in the morning if I don't have a cup of coffee. I'm too young for this behavior.

Jay, great minds think alike.

Blkgrl, not exactly going through something but more like trying to get over it.

Speaking of how Murder Inc did her dirty, you see how when Ashanti came out Stuart Little (Ja Rule) was screaming Princess of Murder Inc? What the hell happened to Vita. She was there from the start, Ashitty came through and they dropped her album first and everything. Total disregard for Vita.

Anonymous said...


I'm the same way. If I dn't have my coffee... it's gonna be some problems! I've ben addicted since the age of 13 to the coffee crack. Once you sip, you go back ere'day for that shit! If I don't have any for a while, I get headaches. Caffine is highly addictive.

And they did Vita SO wrong. They played her to the left hard. She had some decnt tracks out, too. But those sorry ass mofo's over at the Inc were a bunck of wankstas anyway. So maybe it's better off that she got away from those fools. I heard she had a baby and is on some other shit now anyway. She grew up a few blocks away from me in Newark.

You can't be stealin all the mens! You gotta leave some for us!!!

And Def Jam is doing all their artists wrong. Meth, Nas, Ghostface and about 7 other artists that came out with an album this year that you se NO promotion for!