Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Black Man's Lottery

I just got back from from doing my taxes--and it's a shame that I'm happy for my refund check. I'm happy to get back money that belonged to me in the first place. DAMN YOU UNCLE SAM!!!

In other news

It's cold as hell outside. This shit isn't a joke anymore. The wind is whipping through my North Face. Does that even sound right? Maybe tomorrow I'll wear my peacoat under my North Face and try again. BTW, if anyone wants to buy me a nice pair of gloves, I'm more than willing to accept them. Thanks.

I'm now going to address the bloggers that have been sending me e-mails to check out their sites. I've received more than one. I guess I can't be too mad 'cause I did put my email address on blast, but anything that is pertaining to my blog or your blog should be addressed in this blog. The e-mails are becoming a bit much.

Thanks a bunch. *Drop's Mic*


Coco LaRue said...

You AIN'T lying!

I am doing my taxes this weekend and I've already spent that refund check a million times and a million ways in my head.

If I were smart, I'd spend it on gloves, a scarf, a hat, and a hoodie. They are calling for a blizzard next week.

Anonymous said...

^^Co-maf**kin sign!

I have my own issues with the Gub-ment right now. I have to purchase some gloves and more hats myself. I'm already prepared with my extra huge snorkel, but I know I'm not prepared for the elements.

So, since you and CoCo are gettin money back... lemme hols about $80 until Friday. Im good for it! I got you! (LOL!)

Coco LaRue said...

"So, since you and CoCo are gettin money back... lemme hols about $80 until Friday. Im good for it! I got you! (LOL!)"

I'll leave it in your comment box.

Mail Order Girlfriend said...

I can let you hold 80 bucks, but first I'm going to need 2 (two) personal references.

I want to know what elements you're preparing for with 80 bucks. Ain't enough hats and scarves in the world *side-eyes tittay*

I hear about this blizzard next week. I'm not looking forward to it, AT ALL!!

Anonymous said...

*hands you my two references: Al Sharpton and Rey Rey from down the block*

I have but not one hat and scarf, Shaq. I need to revive my collection so that I'm not sick and die...

: (

Mail Order Girlfriend said...

I bet you were sitting there batting your eyes like Tyra while writing that, right TB?

I can write you a check but you can't cash it till Friday!!!