Wednesday, January 17, 2007

You need your ass beat, you need your ass beat

I needed a good laugh this evening, hopefully you all need one too.

Laughing at this when it came on tv nearly gave me a stomach ache. "Look Amber, don't FUCK UP". Enjoy!!


Anonymous said...


Standing at the busstop with a fur coat! I just saw this kat yesterday with a men ass fur waitin on MARTA! JOKES!!!

And the shit with the Diaper and the canteen made me howl like Old Yella! I'M.DONE!!!

Have a good weekend!
: )

JaySpice said...

H-A, H-A. H-A, H-A.

JaySpice said...

Now that I have finished watching this I see you really didn't want my family to have a good weekend, seeing as how YOU KILT ME! That innocent chick in the bedroom part sraight up killed me(and almost go me fired cause I sure did LOL)

Anonymous said...

I saw this!!! I was doubled over in pain after laughing so much!