Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Don't Let it Go to Your Head

For anyone who are feeling themselves just *that* much, I need you to bring it down a notch and listen to the words in the song. Thank you.

-Click this link-


JaySpice said...

I used to LOVE this song and you know how I gets down with rap. I am soooooooooo attracted to dude with the locs! I just want to climb on him and ride him while I hold to his hair as reins.

Getty up baby!

Anonymous said...

That was my joint too.

What's been up Shaq!?!

Mail Order Girlfriend said...

*side eyes Jay*

not like I'm keeping count but this is the second post you done made up in here referencing some sexual act. Stop acking up in here!

S.K. said...

Yea!!! Shaq is back!!! sorry about the rhyming.

And I'm gonna have to co-sign with errthang Miss JaySpice said.

LibraGurl said...

Just wanted to pop in and say what's up!

JaySpice said...


Me?! Acking up!? Never that. I'm ALWAYS good.

Anonymous said...

*side eying Jay and running so that I son't get struck by lightening too*