Monday, April 2, 2007

How's It Going Down..

Back when DMX wasn't on the mau mau mau shit he actually made good music. Classic right chea.

In a DMX inspired post I'll leave you kids with this too. When this came on in the club it got a little serious. Get Get Get it on the floor.

and last but noe least, Slippin'


JaySpice said...

Girl I used to have a MAJOR crush on DMX. When he used to growl I used to have to change my panties. Yes, yes, I know I'm nasty.

Anonymous said...

Slippin was my shit! That was long before X was posin as the Feds and wylin out at the airport.... oh I miss those days.

I remember I copped hit first album and NORE's at the same time... and that was about the time I converted to CD's. I feel old.