Monday, April 16, 2007

I'm sick :(

Yes people, Shaq is sick. Looks like tonisilitis is my kryptonite. After having a tough time swallowing things for the whole weekend I went to emergency last night (with my mother of course...I'm a big baby). We walked in and it looked like WWII in there (East New York is nothing to fuck with) but it was pouring outside and that was the closest hospital. Took me an hour to get into triage where the nurse told me I had a fever of 101. SUCKS.

It took me another hour to finally see the doctor. It was a russian guy named Petr. He introduced himself to me and was very friendly (side eyes Petr). It didn't take him 10 minutes to figure out what was wrong with me, the bulk of my time was waiting on the injection. Yes, injection (it's time to get to know shaq now). If you know me you know I am terrified of doctors, anybody in a white coat for that matter. He said injection and I was like DAMN. It's cool tho, the faster I get this thing the faster it will be over. I had to wait about 15 minutes for the meds to get there from the pharmacy. Petr calls me in the room and I'm like need to pull my sleeve up? Petr is like no, "In your buttocks." I see why he introduced himself so friendly, Petr wanted to see a side of me that no man has saw in a long time. FUCK. Shaq dropped the draws for Petr and that shit HURT. It was a hit of penicillin. Oh well.

What's the outcome? I fell in love with a man and I have a doctor's note to get out of work for 3 days. My ass is going back on Wednesday tho, I got mouths to feed.


Anonymous said...

Well I hope you get better Shaq. Gettin shots anywhere isn't a joke. And what mouths do you have to feed!?! (Besides yours of course) Lemme find out you have a secret life and have some cillren out there! lol!

I'm actually going through the sore throat shit right now myself. Luckly, my brother caught it before I did so I hit up his medicine stash.

Coco LaRue said...
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Coco LaRue said...

Get well soon! I had that shit not too long ago and it is anything but cute.

Mail Order Girlfriend said...

Thanks guys, I'm better. The tonsils still aren't back to regular size but I'm well.