Monday, December 18, 2006

Overpaid Players

After the Knicks debacle, I think I'm going to make a more conscious effort to watch more basketball games. I love to watch games but one thing really pisses me off is to watch players who get paid ridiculous amounts of money and don't deserve it.

Presenting, NBA's 10 Most overpaid players.

10.) Adonal Foyle- What I like to call BFN (Big For Nothing). Why Chris Mullin signed him I'm not really sure. Coach didn't play him for 11 of their first 22 games for no apparent reason.

2006-07 salary: $8,125,000

9.) Raef Lafrentz- Another big dude who is taking up space. He has 3 years left on his contract that is worth over 36 million dollars. Why is he grossing this much money and he hasn't averaged nearly 11 points in 5 years?

2006-07 salary: $11,532,037

8.) Theo Ratliff- This man tries so hard but 4.8 points, 5.1 rebounds and 2.1 blocks a game since 2004 just isn't going to cut it Mr. Ratliff.

2006-07 salary: $11,666,666

7.) Kenyon Martin- Let me not speak too loud, he might try to beat me up...he does have a temper on him. None the less, how valueable can Keyone be when the Nuggets went 41-15 without him last season. Looks like they did pretty damn good without him.

2006-07 salary: $12,068,182

6.) Larry Hughes- I actually have respect for this man. He lost his brother last year due to heart problems. It was a tough time for him. It hurt me to have to put him on this list but business is business. He reminds me of Allan Houston. He isn't a consistent enough shooter or scorer to draw the salary he does. He is supposed to be second to Lebron James but that just isn't happening this season, now is it?

2006-07 salary: $13,363,012

5.) Eddie Jones- He used to be the man, emphasis on used. I remember back in high school when I had his Team Jordan sneakers. Not only does he play for the worst team in the league (Grizzlies) but he's a non factor in losses or wins. His contract is up this season so it's safe to say he can kiss those big bucks goodbye.

006-07 salary: $15,697,500

4.) Grant Hill- I also remember wearing this mans sneakers in Junior High School and they were FILA's so you know he had to be something special for me to rock them. Rookie of the year, Grant Hill had a promising future in the NBA. Injuries plagued him and he has never been able to bounce back. Grant sometimes has to sit out the second game if the team plays back to back. That sounds like a problem to me considering this man is making about 17 million bucks this season. You can tell Tamia I said how you doin though.

2006-07 salary: $16,901,500

3.) Michael Finley- Twelve years in the league and averaging 7 points through 23 games. What makes his case different is that his former team (Mavericks) is still paying his ridiculous salary. Homeboy left the Mavs last year in hopes of winning a championship in San Antonio. What do you know, the team he left beat the Spurs in the Western COnference Finals last season.

2006-07 salary: $19,030,999

2.) Chris Webber- Since he broke up with Tyra he ain't been right since. Old age is catching up with Chris. His lack of mobility and defensive shortcomings have led to frequent fourth-quarter benchings. Paying a man over 20 million bucks who can't even play in the fourth quarter. Yea OK. Get this, his contract balloons to over 22 million next season.

2006-07 salary: $20,718,759

Last but not motherfuckin' least. You know it had to be someone on the Knicks, right? I just couldn't pick one.

1.) Stephon Marbury & Steve Francis- Blame Isiah for this but these two combined can't even win a play-off series. The most expensive backcourt in the NBA and Stephon is having his worse season in 11 years and the "Franchise" has tendinitis in the knee. He hasn't exactly been effective when healthy either.

2006-07 salary combined: $32,254,375

May sound like I'm hating on some black brothers making money. Well I am. I wish I got overpaid to do my job wrong.


Anonymous said...

****4.) Grant Hill- I also remember wearing this mans sneakers in Junior High School and they were FILA's so you know he had to be something special for me to rock them.*****

Girrrl! I think ere'body had them They were hott! The blue and whites. I remember watching Grant Hill playin at Duke and I couldn't WAIT for him to get into the league!

****Rookie of the year, Grant Hill had a promising future in the NBA.****

Yup... and you know what happened... he got pussy-whipped by Tamia. Ever since then, he's been getting hurt and bull-shittin.

But yet I come to this job everyday and bust my ass, rarely EVER call out, and I'm still yet to make 40K a year... WTF?!

K said...

Wow @ remembering the Grant Hills. Damn I'm Damn he's old.