Monday, December 18, 2006

When is enough, enough?

Up above is the picture of Ronald Madison, a 40 year old mentally retarded man who was gunned down by Louisiana police after hurricane Katrina hit. Read the full story here.

Five gunshots to the back while he was running away...I obviously wasn't there so I don't know what caused this showdown but why wasn't the necessary steps taken to get information about witnesses? I know this man wasn't the only person to witness this murder. Was someone scared of what someone would say had witnesses been questioned? Total disregard for a human life. I'm dusgusted more and more everytime I read another story about unarmed men being shot multiple times.


Anonymous said...

Ever since they shot that 89 year-old woman here in Atlanta, there have been two more cases similar to that one. The police are the biggest and most corrut gang in the country. They get away with all kind of shit.

Just imagine all the stories that don't make it to the news... *smh*

Coco LaRue said...

"Just imagine all the stories that don't make it to the news... *smh*"

Or the ones that make it to the news and get twisted around to absolve the police of guilt. I am convinced that this is an everyday event.