Friday, December 29, 2006

...And I'm out this bitch

It's Friday.


and today is payday.


I'm sitting here waiting for 1 pm because my ass is outta here. Time to get it on and poppin'.

Before I get it on and poppin' though I have to touch upon a woman I saw on the train this morning. *Sigh* She would have gotten an 8 from me but I had to bump her down to a 6. I've never seen such foolywag shit in my life. She was sitting there reading her book. I'm in and out of sleep but I look down and notice her shoes. Homegirl had on black pumps with WHITE TUBE SOCKS on. Not even fresh white tube socks. You know the off white type that has the lint balls on them? Yes, those. She looked like part of the "Beat It" entourage. I couldn't even snicker inside I felt embarrassed for her. OH WELL, I don't know why 'cause it didn't seem like she had a problem with it.

Ok, back to this 1 pm departure. I was supposed to leave at 3 today but my YT co-worker volunteered to stay instead. Bless his heart. I'm heading home to catch a nap 'cause I don't want to sleep for the whole weekend. Enough said.

TO all my regulars and ppl who visit from time to time, have a wonderful New Years. Bring it in sensibly, no drinking and driving please. BE SAFE and I'm out this bitch until 2007. *drops microphone*


JaySpice said...

Have good New Year's. I'm going try to not be anti-social and go hang wit my friends. I blog about it. Check me out over the New Year holiday. I'ma post some real personal shyt and would love to know how you feel. I'll prob post it this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Shaq! Party like it's 1999!

-_- said...

LOL at white tube socks. Oh my.

HA HA at dropping the mic like dude in "Coming To America"!

Happy New Year!