Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I don't deserve this

These past 2 days have been living HELL!! I know when the new year comes and things pick up I'm going to miss these slow days but I'd rather gouge my eye out with a rusty spoon than sit here at work for 7 hours tomorrow and Friday. OHMYGAWWWWDDDDD!

On a lighter note, it's official...I'm celebrating my 24th birthday in Atlanta. More details to come.

I've got 30 minutes till I head home. I've never been so happy to deal with rush hour in NYC in my life to head home.


Anonymous said...

You comin to the 'A' SHAWTY!?!?! Hahaha! Prepare yourself for the "you from up norf" shit. And the word finna, too.

I have to work all this week, too. I even had to work on Christmas. This shit sucks. Hang in there... it's almost over! But believe that I took off on New Years day and the day after for recovery. I'm gettin fucked up like my life depends on it.

Where you goin in the A? I think I'm goin to this house party. That way if I get too bent, which I plan on doing, I can just sleep on their couch.

Mail Order Girlfriend said...

Right at this moment I think imma stay out in buckhead...midtown Atlanta was a little too expensive. I hit yt's worse nightmare up (from c+d) and he told me about the different areas. I'm not coming out there till May so the locale could change.

I wanted to ask u some questions but didn't have ur email and didn't just want to hit you up on msn...I saw your credentials on your profile page. I just wanted to ask about the club scene out there and what area had the most goings on. I was told midtown was probably my best bet. If you have any suggestions, I'm all ears.

K said...

Happy Early Birthday! Blah @ up norf comments, but be prepared for the Southern belles. We run rampant in Atlanta. If you are looking for info on the Strip Clubs lemme know. :)

Unknown said...

Shaq, hahahahahah, I have the whole week off. well that shit won't be funny next week when I don't have a paycheck.

I was suppose to spend new Years in the A but they wanted too many frequent flier miles, I am like 12,000 for ATL, getdafuckouttahere...

Kris baby we talking male or female strip joints, shit I want to go to both, I am still trying to figure a few things out...LMAO

Anonymous said...

HEY Shaq,
My e-mail is

I can put you on to some spots and I'm living on the northside and only paying $600 for a 1 bedroom apt. Hit me up and I can give you the 4-1-1

Mail Order Girlfriend said...


Creative, how you gonna laugh at me in my time of despair? We'll see who is laughing when they get back to work. I'll see you at the plantation!!!

Kris, whats up with your homepage? I was trying to check your blog out but got denied. You hiding confidential material over there? I'm not one for strip clubs. I shed a tear everytime a dollar leaves my hand so strip clubs aren't for the faint of heart. I'll keep it in mind though. andd, thank you for the very early birthday wishes. It isn't until May though lol.

TB, good looks. I'll hit you up next week sometime for some info.