Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Incredible Hulk, anyone?

She has the henny, who has the hypno?

To all the ladies out there…If you plan on ever getting this drunk at the club, JUST STAY HOME!

spotted over at Crunk & Disorderly


Coco LaRue said...

What is sadder than the actual picture is the fact that homegirl clearly has NO FRIENDS.

JaySpice said...

It looks like she got fire crotch and she was tryna put out the flame.

Anonymous said...

LMAO @ fire crotch!

This pic is a hot mess all over. She doesn't need to go anywhere anytime soon after this shit! Some folks just don't know their limit. When I'm about to take a drink and feel like I''m gonna throw up... I'm DONE!

But she's holdin on to that bottle like it's the friggin antidote!

Mail Order Girlfriend said...

I'm struggling with the fact that I think she has on boots. Why would you wear boots with an outfit like that? Help me out 'cause I'm the last one who would wear a yellow dress and boots but is that fly?