Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I'm walking down the street at lunch time and I almost got knocked out by someone opening up a door at Starbucks. Very rarely do I zone out but that scared the shit out of me. I could see the bruise on my forehead now. I'm sitting here zoning out some more. You would think I was in love the way I've been carrying on today. Oh well, waiting for 5:30 to hit so I can get the hell outta here!!!!!!

Here's a little old school for those of us old enough to remember all the lyrics to this song.


JaySpice said...

Who you calling old???!!?

I 'member the words. *goes to corner to sob cause I realize I'm getting old*

Anonymous said...

I remember the words! I had the tape... yeah, I'm old.

And Starbucks bka Six Bucks is the debil!! It's like a secret society in there...

Mail Order Girlfriend said...

Jay, you're a year older than me...older being the operative word so yea, you're old. The fact that TB said she had a "tape" of anything lets me know she's old too.

When ya'll social security checks coming? I gotta pay for all those lawn mowers and blowers I charged up!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not gettin Social Sec-cuuurity, but if I can find somebody that will let me clain thoeir kids for tax time... I've got you then.

And here's some real throwback ish! My dad had an Oldsmoblie with an 8-track in it. Mummm-humm. Now that makes me feel real old.

Mail Order Girlfriend said...

I'm still trying to find a way to get my cat a social security number so I can claim her ass. After vet visits, food and kitty litter I need to get a tax break for her.