Monday, December 11, 2006

Nuff Said

There really isn't anything to explain here.


Anonymous said...

What the hell is that?!? Bwahaha! She does look like that cabbage patch doll!! I know Tyra is somewhere trying to find that chile to give her a makeover! Personally, I think she's on that shit! Mummm hummm... that's what that shit does to you!

Anonymous said...

Do I get another lawn mower eact time I visit?!?


Mail Order Girlfriend said...

*Looks in my bag o' gifts*

I guess I can give you this leaf blower. Go forth and irk everyone in your building at 6 a.m. Next time, I got these barber clippers with your name on it so you can give yourself that Naima haircut. Then you can tack a poinsetta lacefront on the sides.

Anonymous said...

^^^ HAHA! Keep me posted if you get one of those Dora the Explorer toys, too!!

JaySpice said...

I peek in and see you acting a fewl. Shaq, you still ain't give my no chicken. How you gonna be stingy? I don't want not leaf blower. But if you giving out toys, I take the new Elmo doll. Thank you.

Mail Order Girlfriend said...

Gives Jay an inch and she takes a yard. I give you something out of the goodness of my heart and you tell me you want chicken. Well I did save some chicken for you all but damn it I was hungry last night. *burp*

I got you on that Elmo toy though. I hope it's for your stinkie and you aren't playing with it.

I got to look in my other bag for the Dora toys. For shame Tittay, for shame.

Anonymous said...

*givin you the side-eye*

What else you have in that "other bag" of toys?



Coco LaRue said...

WHY, NAIMA, WHY?! She's actually such a pretty girl. To paraphrase Kanyeezy: The prettiest people do the ugliest things.