Thursday, December 21, 2006

My Day?

This is how my day went, today...I almost called an Equity Partner an:

It was not a good day. I almost blew my top trying to explain to someone who grosses over $200,000 a year that you cannot send 10gb's of files through company email. YOU FUCKIN RETARD!


Anonymous said...

Bwahaha! Oh my lawd! Your a damn fewl for that South Park clip!

How does your co-worker make all that money and not know something that elementary? I guess it's not who you knew, but who you screw...

Have a good holiday... and please don't dring to much! (LOL!)

JaySpice said...

I swear ppl that are book smart have to damn common sense. One day, this one lawyer I work with pulled some keys outta his pocket. He was like 'Who's keys are these?' and I'm looking at him like yours, maflucker! He gives me the keys and askes me to send a email to everyone asking if they lost their keys. A couple days later he comes back to get the keys from me.....they were his in-laws keys!

Mail Order Girlfriend said...

She isn't my co-worker, she is a lawyer so technically she is the enemy. She looks at me like I'm the dumb one because I'm an IT person but yet she called me to fix her damn problem. That wasn't even the problem. This was all on my lunch break while my pizza was on my desk getting cold. That's why I was mad.

Me drink too much, NAHHHH!!!!