Tuesday, December 5, 2006


Why is it when you are happy people want to make you miserable. Damn the saying is true, misery does love company.

I'm such a laid back person. All I want to do is sit back and crack jokes. A day in which you have not laughed is a day wasted. That's the way I look at life. Yea, I stress and worry about things but I don't let these things consume my life. That's why it was obvious I was playing myself being with someone who is so ill-tempered. DAMN. I've never seen someone laugh and smile one minute and by the end of the night have their lips poked out from here to Canada because they are so upset. NEVER FUCKING HAPPY. I can't deal and a couple of months ago I decided I wouldn't deal with it anymore. Be unhappy by your damn self. With that being said, Why am I being painted as the bad person? Everytime I turn on my sidekick I have to read some away message about "Not trusting anyone anymore" or some true love philosophy that these ppl find on the damn internet. Like I don't know those away messages are directed at me. I thought the away message war was high school shit but I guess not. I'm silly but this is just ridiculous. Even going as far as to get my family in this. Calling my cousin trying to get shit out of him. Maybe I should be doing the side-eyeing and asking just how did you get his number and what are you doing calling him? Just to open another can of worms.

So like I said, I do stress sometimes but try for it not to bring me down. So in the same breath, why am I letting this person right now bring my happiness down? It's a question easier asked than answered.


Anonymous said...

Yup. I just went through that same issue, with friends. I'm tired of people draining my energy. I had to hand out those pink slips, STAT.

Because, "Not everybody that you fuxs with, fuxs with you"-- (you know who told me that!!!)

Life is to short to deal with the bull.

Mail Order Girlfriend said...

Damn, whoever told you that is one insightful person.