Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Come Around

Presenting your favorite reggae artist and mine

Collie Buddz

Definitely feeling his latest tune "Come Around" but I've been hearing this growing debate. I know you've guys guessed it! Yes, the color of his skin. Seems music isn't sacred anymore but I digress. Collie is straight out of Bermuda (def a good look for the island). I don't know too many of you out there that are interested in this debate but let me know...what do you think about him being a white reggae artist?

If you don't have any concerns on the subject you can still peep the video out.


Julia_Claudine_Deveraux said...

I'm still trying erase my memory of the first YT reggae artist Snow toumbout "I lick ya boom boom down" or whateverthefuck he was saying.

Now Matisyahu is all kinds of extra foolishness!

Anonymous said...

who cares??!@#$ He is GORGEOUS! and I'm Jamaican.

S.K. said...

when I found out he was white white - I was so damned surprised.

Any who I still like his music.

Anonymous said...

color nuh matter. he teaches the yutes positiveness RASTAFARI!