Saturday, June 2, 2007

A trip to the NBA Finals is a good look for the city of Cleveland right now. Too bad the Spurs are down in Texas waiting for them. I hate to call the outcome of this one because I actually like Lebron and he has a decent supporting cast. As far as winning 4 against Tim Duncan and the Spurs, ionno about all that. We shall see though because I'd like to see Lebron lead his team to a championship at such a young age. For whoever is interested, the schedule is as follows:

June 7: The Finals, Game 1, ABC Spurs, 85-78
June 10: The Finals, Game 2, ABC Spurs 103-92
June 12: The Finals, Game 3, ABC Spurs 75-72
June 14: The Finals, Game 4, ABC
June 17: The Finals, Game 5*, ABC
June 19: The Finals, Game 6*, ABC
June 21: The Finals, Game 7*, ABC

*If Necessary (For the Cavs sake, let's hope the games are necessary)

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