Friday, June 1, 2007

It's the 1st of the month

Ya'll better not be trying to hide from your landlord today. Pay up!!

I don't have that problem but have a similar one. She is called Sallie Mae. My whole weekend is being devoted on devising a plan to shake these mofos. The plan is to do it without ruining my credit. I know there are people from all walks of life here. Let me know how it can be done. I got some now & laters and ginger ale waiting on the person who does.

Till then have a great weekend folk.


S.K. said...

This is a plan to shake Sallie Mae:

PAY UP!!! Sallie Mae don't play. She will tract you down and gut your pockets like a turkey on thanksgiving.

hahaha...I hope that was helpful :o)

Mail Order Girlfriend said...

That wasn't what I was looking for ginger ale for you!!